'Dare to Nourish' - Feel Connected from the Inside-Out! 

Are you seeking... 

Soul nourishment and emotional healing?

To tackle your health and life concerns in an holistic way?

Empowerment and fresh excitement about your food choices?

To feel 'on track'; motivated about, and focused on, your health, life and work  goals?

THEN A VERY BIG WELCOME, you are in the right place!

Perhaps you are curious and interested in your health and wellbeing and you are looking for a fresh approach to your health and life goals. Maybe you love finding out about natural approaches as it’s important to you to feel in charge of your own health. You know deep down how important it is to take time to nourish yourself on all levels.

Or perhaps you have found your way here because, like me, you have always had an un-easy relationship with food and you feel confused, disconnected, overwhelmed by information and stuck about your food choices?

Welcome lovely nourishment seeker to my corner of cyber space! People have called me many things depending on their experience of my work; unblocker/unsticker, food witch or just witch, clarity bringer, spiritual life coach, energy worker, change bringer, meal inspirer, nutrition person and healer are just a few, but in essence I bring two strands to my work, Creative Kinesiology and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy; I am equally passionate about both of them and often these get woven together during a session.

Creative Kinesiology is an amazing complementary therapy that brings together many different energy tools for bringing healing and change, including the Chinese Five elements, the energy channels or meridians and acupressure. It is a fantastic way of connecting with your body wisdom and giving it a 'voice'. Creative kinesiology sessions are fantastic for goal setting, getting clarity on your next step forward, discovering the core of blocks that are stopping you moving forward in your life; these could be around anything that is important to you, it could be to do with your health, building your business, or achieving a big goal.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy my passion for the power of food being medicine is supercharged by my love of embracing the natural cycles, such as the moon and seasons, when we work WITH our bodies, which are naturally in tune with the natural cycles, issues around food such as cleansing and achieving your ideally weight can happen with ease.

​​Make Friends with your Body - Live your Passion - Nourish your Soul - Find Peace with Food

My passion for my work comes from my own experiences of truly nourishing myself; body, mind and spirit by...

  • Setting goals for myself that create the life I want and then taking mini action steps to make this happen everyday
  • Going on a sugar-free journey and then inspiring others to do the same, while living my own.
  • Making sure I look after myself FIRST always! Self care ROCKS!
  • Finally being in a body that feels like 'ME' through naturally balancing my weight and energy levels.


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