It's time to make peace with food and make friends with your body

If you are seeking...

  • Empowerment and excitement about your food choices
  • Clarity about how you can tackle your health concerns using food
  • A sense of reconnection to your body's own unique and wonderful wisdom

A VERY BIG WELCOME, you are in the right place!

Perhaps you have found your way here because like me you have always had an un-easy relationship with food and you feel confused, disconnected, overwhelmed by information and stuck about your food choices?

Perhaps you are curious and interested in your health and wellbeing. You love finding out about natural approaches as it’s important to you to feel in charge of your own health. You particularly like to find practical tips and techniques that will fit in with your busy lifestyle. You know deep down how important it is to take time to nourish yourself on all levels.

The truth is food isn’t as simple and straightforward as it was 50 years ago; food is now BIG business, food labeling a minefield, dietary advice a moving target, the diet industry relies on diets failing and health foods aren’t always what they seem.
All this leaves us feeling confused, distrustful and in our far too busy lives reaching for the first food that seems just about okay.
I am here to support you to make peace with food and to make ‘friends’ with your body, no more battles, no more struggle, no more confusion. 

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