Body-Mind Weight Balance support

Nothing beats the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin; the feeling that you are wearing the clothes you want to and you can do the things you want to do. Maybe this is a long hike at the weekend, running around after your children or grandchildren, having the energy and focus to finish a much dreamed of project. Perhaps feeling like your outer appearance matches the inside or that your body feels that it is working for you.

I use the term weight balance on purpose, because it is about letting your own body wisdom take the lead and working with it to create balance. It really is about making peace with food and friends with your body.

Body-Mind Weight Balance 1-2-1 sessions are about:

  • A holistic approach that supports both your body and your mind to create the changes you want
  • Using a Naturopathic Nutrition approach to make sure you eat the right ingredients for the body to heal and repair
  • Sharing with you information about how the body works so you can understand why your body holds on to fat and why it releases it AND how you can flick the internal switch so you can be in fat burning mode
  • Understanding how our brain and body can become addicted to certain foods which then makes it hards to balance our weight
  • Practical support for applying the principles; meal plans, recipe ideas, email support
  • If our sessions are face to face we will use Kinesiology muscle testing to support this process further

I am passionate about this subject as I struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, yo-yo-ing up and down in weight many times. The final piece of the weight balance puzzle for me, was understanding that balancing your weight and breaking food addictions is all about hormones; switching the right ones on and the wrong ones off. This has freed me from food addictions and helped me balance my weight.