Perhaps you have health goals around exercise, healthy eating or meditation that was a resolution back in January and you've lost your momentum?

Perhaps you need focus and clarity around a work goal that you want to achieve?

Creating a vision Board helps us clarify what we want and to set goals, and if we create them in alignment with the optimal annual, seasonal and lunar phases we create an even more powerful tool to guide us throughout the year!

In this online 2 hour 'playshop' we will be plugging into the...

  • Approaching Spring, which brings burgeoning creativity, clear vision and bags more energy.
  • Full Moon energy, which brings her soft illumination and a body sense of our full potential, potency and power.
  • Spring Equinox, heralding light and warmth to grow your vision over the next six months and beyond.

What we'll be doing...

  • We will connect in with our body wisdom through a full moon creative  visualisation; this will help gently illuminate the way forward.
  • We will learn about the power and gifts of the rising Spring energy and how it can help us visualise our next step
  • We will cut and paste together using old magazines, coloured pens and crayons.
  • We will come up with statements and affirmations that will help keep us on track.
  • I will share simple, but powerful, energy techniques that you can use everyday to keep you on track.
Where we'll meet...
  • The mini 'play-shop' will be delivered over Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Zoom is a fantastic teleconferencing facility, a bit like Skype, that allows multiple participants.

What we'll need...

  • Old magazines, a large piece of paper or card to create your vision board on, pens, crayons, stickers, cups of tea, nibbles and a sense of fun!