Kinesiology came into my life in 2009 when I was pretty low, my husband had died two years previously and I was a single parent of two young lads. I started to get terrible anxiety and felt completely depressed and overwhelmed by my life.

I knew on a conscious level that I was still grieving and had more healing to do, but felt completely lost and had no idea where to start and how to go forward with my life; all my plans had literally been blasted out of the water. I needed to find my next step, I was desperate to move on.

Having Creative Kinesiology sessions, or balances as they are called, got me back on track. I remember one particular session when I suddenly had the realisation that my husbands death wasn't who I was, but was was 'just' something that happened to me. It was the start of me moving on as a single person and it helped me find my way forward one step at a time. It was a gentle way for me to heal, to discover who I was and what I wanted for my future.... and it has been part of life ever since, it helps me to explore and to check in with my inner compass or knowing, whenever I need support. It was also integral part of my journey to sugar-freedom. It helped me explore my food stories; why comfort ate and how I had become addicted to sugar and processed carbohydrates. I have also used it to support me in growing my business, everything from checking in with pricing to building confidence around being visible.

So what is Creative Kinesiology...

It is a gentle, non invasive therapy that it based on muscle testing. Our muscle response to gentle pressure is a way of exploring whether something within our system; body, mind, emotions or energy,  is creating stress. A strong or 'switched on' muscle indicates 'no charge' or a 'yes', a weakened or 'switched off' muscle indicated there is something about the issue that is weakening or challenging us or a 'no'.

Since the pandemic I have done all my work online using dowsing, this is also how I continue to have my own personal Kinesiology sessions. Instead of a muscle response I am tuning into a whole body response, with time clients also get to feel a 'yes' and 'no' from their body.

Creative Kinesiology could be for you if...

- You have health concerns that aren't resolving, these could be physical, mental or emotional.

- You want support with making or achieving life or work goals; it is great for up levelling, mindset, focus and clarity.

- You have dietary concerns, which may include food sensitivities or intolerances, losing weight or giving up sugar. 

Creative Kinesiology sessions can embrace many different energy healing modalities and may include my passion for the Chinese Five Elements, healing and balancing using the meridian system I learnt in my Acupuncture training, plus energy psychology techniques such as affirmations and tapping. Each 'balance', as a session is called, is as unique as each client.

Our bodies are amazing, they hold so much wisdom; they absorb and hold all the experiences of our lives to date, including the traumas, stresses and strains of events, ill health and everyday life. 

Creative Kinesiology gives your body a voice, perhaps for the first time. It is a way of getting feedback from your body, via the muscles, about what creates stress for you at a deeper level; this could be nutritionally, physically, mentally or emotionally. 

The aim of a session is to create balance within your system using a variety of energy techniques that embrace acupressure, meridians, the Five Elements, tapping and many more so you can move forwards positively. Thes days I work mainly online via Zoom. 

Kinesiology muscle testing also adds depth to a nutrition session. It is a way of communicating directly with the body to see what is happening at a deeper level that we may not be aware of in respect of food and nutrition, this could be physically, mentally or emotionally. 

For example muscle testing can help us discover what may be holding you back from making changes to your diet, how fast to make suggested changes such as adding in food and taking others out, and what food you may be sensitive/intolerant to.

If you would like to find out more or to book an appointment pop me an email on or set up a free 30 minute Taster Session HERE >  and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please note appointments can be rearranged up to 24 hours before hand at no extra charge after this all appointments, including missed appointments, are charged at the full amount.

You can read some lovely things that clients have said about their sessions below.

A session with Carol is like a beautiful act of self love you can give yourself. Carol will lead you effortlessly through your blocks into deep healing that will feel like going on a fun adventure as she tracks the energy into the core of whats ailing you. This is totally for you if you wish to be part of your own healing. If you feel at any way drawn to work with Carol - go for it you won’t be disappointed. An amazing session awaits you that will be illuminating and deep healing! 

        Joanna Hunter, Scotland U.K.

        Spiritual Life & Business Coach 

My Kinesiology session with Carol was totally spot on! She even uncovered a few things that I hadn't spoken out loud before but had been thinking for quite some time. What I really loved about this session was that Carol's intuition came full circle and really highlighted the Kinesiology work that was being done. I took so many notes and loved, loved, loved my experience!

        Sara Walka, U.S.

         The Sisters Enchanted

My creative kinesiology sessions with Carol were very insightful and empowering. The process uncovered the layers to my resistance to what I was seeking and helped to shift them. I worked with Carol remotely and felt like we were in the same room although thousands of miles away. Carol’s warmth, humor and intuitive abilities made me feel at ease and allowed me to go deep within. She has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter to which you are seeking clarity and healing.

        Julee Dressing, U.S.

My intention was to have an appointment with Carol to help with some motivation for cutting back on sugar. I didn’t have any expectations but knew Carol would be the right person after seeing her online. I had a creative kinesiology session and was blown away, how something so simple can be so spot on and effective. I was surprised it would touch on issues deeply in just a space of 1.5hrs. Carol has a great sense of humour, she has a heart of gold and really held the appointment beautifully. I’ve come away starting on my sugar free journey! Thank you x - Jess Twydall October 2018.

        Jess Twydall, Devon U.K.