Support to be Sugar-free

This was me at the thought of giving up sugar and processed carbohydrates!... and yet I had a generally healthy diet, AND had all the knowledge and tips at my finger tips to make changes relatively easily and smoothly.

BUT the issue was I was addicted!! This was a horrifying revelation for me, as a Nutritional Therapist I am expected to 'walk my talk' and to recognise all the signs and symptoms of sugar and processed carbohydrate addiction. (You can read more about My Sugar-free Journey HERE if you would like).

I know this journey can be a tough one and I am here to make that journey easier by...

  • Helping you with the preparation stage, let's make things easier by 'getting your ducks in a row' to begin with - ingredients, meal planning, snack suggestions and possibly supplements.
  • Supporting you with delicious, nutritious meal ideas that will nourish you and keep you feeling full, this will help minimise cravings, if you have any.
  • Giving you information that helps you understand what the h*** is going on in your body, making you realise that so much of what we feel is actually chemicals and hormones.
  • Handouts, PDFs as and when required.
  • Giving email support between sessions as part of a coaching package.

For details of one-off sessions go HERE and 4 and 8 packages go HERE