Sugar-freedom is a Way of Healing & a Way of Life! 

Welcome to your Online Monthly Membership supporting you to Nourish & Heal Yourself to Sugar-freedom!

''Sugar-freedom' is the word I use to describe the feelings of energy, vibrancy, headspace, connectedness, clarity, creativity, self-care and love that I feel since I stopped eating sugar. I invite you to join me on this journey.' Carol xx

'I absolutely love Carol and the group. Carol is so genuine and caring in her approach. She never judges, has tons of suggestions and ideas and always welcomes questions. The group is a safety net, there is always someone who will listen, offer support and celebrate your milestones along with you! I highly recommend!!' K B-C

The 'Ingredients' that can Help you have a 'Sugar-free Natural Foodie' Life include...

EVERY MONTH inside the membership you will receive new videos, recipes and tools to support you on your own unique sugar-free journey (PLUS ongoing access to a growing library of other videos and teachings!)

So What will you get Inside your Membership?

  • Brand new content each month about being naturally and nourishingly sugar-free. The content takes into account the seasonal and lunar energy.
  • Join Carol Live once or twice a month (1 hour-ish each), once for a ‘Cook Together’ session and second a supportive check-in where you can ask Carol questions and get support from fellow journeyers  
  • Powerful mind-body techniques that Carol generally shares only with private 1-2-1 clients.
  • Discover how to work with the natural seasonal and lunar cycles to support your sugar-free journey
  • Access to Carol’s full and growing recipe resource
  • A growing visualisation library to support you to feel positive about the changes you are making.
  • Affordable monthly cost!! (But enough to hold you accountable!)
  • Being part of the most supportive and inspiring community of Sugar-free Natural Foodies

The Highlights of the Month are the LIVE Cooking Class and our Q and A Support Session

We get together with a cup of tea twice a month and either cook a pre-planned sugar-free goodie or we talk about the month's topic. This is what makes the 'My Sugar-free Life' extra special the true connections we make with each other, it makes our own unique sugar-free journey easier, gentler, kinder.

"The membership group is like an extended family, guided but never preached to by Carol. We learn together, share together, and encourage and support each other through the good and bad times of our own unique SF journeys. Can't praise it enough such amazing value". DB

Your Investment

Join Us with this Special Founder Members Offer  

£27 monthly or £247 a year (saving £77) or explore the 'Inner Circle PLUS' membership which includes 1:1 sessions with me

  • Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees. (You can join for as long or as little as you like – there’s no contract to tie you in!)
  • Instant access to The ‘My Sugar-free Life’ membership and all the natural sugar-free  foodie trainings and tools inside the learning platform.
  • Automatic access to all the Sugar-freedom Pods (offered to non members for £47)
  • Priority access to new recipes
  • 2x live Zoom group calls with Carol each month.
  • Invitation to our private Facebook community.
  • Price locked – your monthly cost will never increase
  • Plus all of the listed benefits on this page above

Bonuses that are Part of the Membership!

  • Downloadable Recipe Book and Resources
  • My Sugar-free Journal - downloadable, printable and fillable
  • Sugar-free – Your Way’ - a 6 week course including videos and audios about how to find your own unique way to sugar-freedom
  • 'Eating and Cleansing with the Moon’ - a 4 week course including visualisation, audios and downloadable material
  • A Nourishing Year - a 5 part introduction to a naturopathic approach to food and eating based around the seasonal Chinese Five Elements
     with monthly journal pages (still being developed)
  • Sugar-freedom Meal Planning Pack - everything you need to get organised on your sugar-free journey
  • Tuning into Intuitive Eating - videos and handouts to support you to connect in with your body's wisdom.
  • Weekend Viewing - I absolutely love sourcing podcasts, videos, films and documentaries to inspire you in your sugar-free life
  • Seasonal Recipe Sundays - Curated content sourcing seasonal recipes for you to explore
  • ...and more always being added!

Meet your Host and Guide for your Sugar-free Journey

Hey Sugar-free Natural Foodie!

I’m Carol, a Holistic Sugar-freedom coach, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Creative Kinesiologist and your host for ‘My Sugar-free Life’ membership. I am also a sugar-free survivor and thriver, after I released my sugar habit back in 2017 after literally decades of addictive eating patterns. So wherever you are on your journey I have been there too and whatever food shenanigans you’ve been up to, I have probably also done it.

So whether you are just beginning your sugar-free journey and are taking your first steps, or you have been on this path a while and want to explore more, you are in the right place. I have supported hundreds of people, mostly women, to find their own unique path to sugar-freedom and I’m looking forward to supporting you too.

If you are looking to learn more about naturally nourishing yourself to sugar-freedom, how to support your body, mind and spirit on your sugar-free journey and how to get some insights into this holistic approach, all whilst meeting incredible people just like you click below to dive in & get started!


How often do we get new content in the membership?

  • On top of all the ready-available content, every month you will receive some new 'tasty' content; this could be sugar-free recipes or specially curated content from the courses
  • Alongside your monthly tasty content  have access to different categories within the membership such as content shared from Gaia, healing energy medicine techniques, seasonal and lunar topics

 When will the next live online training be?

  • Carol hosts 2 x live calls a month. You will find details of all the upcoming calls in the Facebook group or in the Membership Platform

 What is the cancellation policy?

  • You can cancel your membership with ‘My Sugar-free life’ at anytime. If you join and find it’s not for you…you can cancel your membership. You are not tied into any type of contract.

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