More about how I work

Sessions are generally a synthesis of all these approaches depending on what is needed. Have a read and if they make sense to you or you are curious to find out more email me at or set up a free 30 minute 'On Track' taster session HERE

Natural Nutrition

I believe, and know from personal experience, that natural ‘real’ food is a very powerful healer. I also know that many people do not know how well they could feel because of the food they are eating. My first stop is to look at food before supplements, although I may prescribe some as we go along.

I know that changing how we eat can be challenging, food brings us so much comfort and creates the familiar rhythm in our often busy and disconnected lives.

Whatever your goals, the changes you make have to be sustainable if you are going to reap the long term benefits. Therefore we work together to create change and build strong foundation for good health slowly by adding in nutrient rich foods, taking out food that hampers our healing, as well as creating new habits for shopping, preparing and eating food. 


This approach means working without drugs or medical intervention to create changes. It recognises the innate healing capacity of the body and seeks to work with this to create wellness. This approach may include:

  • Taking into account the energy of each season, the moon phases and the natural cleansing rhythm of the body.
  • Using natural techniques such as skin brushing and hydrotherapy to support the healing process

The Chinese Five Elements, Acupuncture theory and Meridian work

The Law of the Five Elements is an underlying principle of Traditional Chinese medicine, alongside Acupuncture theory and the energy channels known as meridians. 

The Five Element theory is founded on the observations of the ancient masters that whatever happened in nature also happens within us, including the seasonal changes. This beautiful and spiritual philosophy adds depth to idea of seasonal eating.

My original training was in Acupuncture almost 30 years ago and I had an Acupuncture practice for a number of years before my love of nutrition took over. I now use my knowledge of the meridian system and Acupuncture points as part of Kinesiology muscle testing.

Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Kinesiology muscle testing adds depth to a face-to-face nutrition session. It is a way of communicating directly with the body to see what is happening at a deeper level that we may not be aware of in respect of food and nutrition, this could be physically, mentally or emotionally. 

For example muscle testing can help us discover what may be holding you back from making changes to your diet, how fast to make suggested changes such as adding in food and taking others out, and what food you may be sensitive/intolerant to.