'I wish I could get a handle of my eating habits', 'I wish I could show up in my business more', 'I wish I could kick this sugar habit', 'Why do I keep attracting uncommitted men?', 'I wish I valued and cared for myself more', 'Why can't I lose this weight, what am I doing wrong?', 'How do I set better boundaries for myself?'.

Welcome to my corner of cyberspace; my name's Carol and I live in Devon, in the South West of the U.K. and over the years I've asked all those same questions of myself. Now I have a growing, thriving business doing work I love, a loving, committed partner, I am a healthy balanced weight for me and I am sugar-free; of course everything isn't perfect but I feel 'on track', like I know my next step to take and I celebrate that everyday! All these jigsaw pieces of my life slotting together easily still often feel like a miracle, but actually they are just the result of me working on what was getting in my way, or rather how I was getting in my own way! ... and then realising and discovering, that as Marie Forleo says, 'Everything is figure-outable'. (brilliant book btw)

I love my work supporting people locally and internationally to figure-out, find their next step and transform those bits of themselves, and parts of their lives, that rankle and agitate them and they want to change. You know those issues/concerns that pop up time and time again, tapping us on the shoulder, saying yoohoo it's time to make some changes so you can shine even more brightly in the world. I do this through my courses, teaching, mentoring and individual sessions.

I typically work with people who want support to give up/reduce sugar, transform their relationship with food or lose weight naturally. I also work with many self employed business owners who are wanting to up-level and clear what may be blocking their success. But in reality I work with anyone who has a life, work, health or food issue they want to transform.

You may be seeking... 

Soul nourishment and emotional healing?

To tackle your food, health, work and life concerns in a holistic way?

To feel 'on track', motivated about, and focused on, your health, life or work goals?

If so you are in the right place... 

People have called me many things depending on their experience of my work; unblocker/unsticker, food witch or just witch, clarity bringer, spiritual life coach, energy worker, change bringer, meal inspirer, nutrition person and healer are just a few, but in essence I bring two strands to my work, Creative Kinesiology and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy.

I am equally passionate about both of them and if you are here to look at food or nutrition concerns then these will very likely be woven together during a session.

Creative Kinesiology is an amazing complementary therapy that brings together many different energy tools for facilitating healing and change, including the Chinese Five elements, the energy channels or meridians and acupressure. It is a fantastic way of connecting with your body wisdom and giving it a 'voice'. Creative kinesiology sessions are fantastic for goal setting, getting clarity on your next step forward, discovering the core of blocks that are stopping you moving forward in your life. These could be around anything that is important to you, it could be to do with your health, building your business, or achieving a big goal. Creative Kinesiology helps you connect in with your inner compass, that still place of 'knowing' what is right for you.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy my passion for the power of food being medicine is supercharged by my love of embracing the natural cycles, such as the moon and seasons. When we work WITH our bodies, which are naturally in tune with the natural cycles, issues around food such as cleansing and achieving your ideally weight can happen with ease. I also love supporting people to explore sugar-freedom, having transformed my own health and wellbeing by giving up sugar.

I also have an online school The Natural Food School an inspiration and support hub where I share courses, programmes and free information about food and nutrition, the Five Elements and Sugar Freedom, please feel free to have a browse.

Heal your Body - Live your Passion - Nourish your Soul - Find Peace with Food

My passion for my work comes from my own experiences of nourishing and transforming myself; body, mind and spirit through...

  • Using Kinesiology to set goals for myself that create the life I want and then taking mini action steps to make this happen everyday. It supported me when the going got tough.
  • Going on a sugar-free journey and then inspiring others to do the same through my 9 week online course and FREE online group.
  • Making sure I look after myself FIRST always! Self care ROCKS!
  • Finally being in a body that feels like 'ME' through naturally balancing my weight and energy levels.

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