June 5

Fat doesn’t make you fat but sugar does!

The Fat and Dieting Myth... warning I may start ranting!

The food industry have been selling us lies for decades to hide the real villain that is standing there in plain sight. The lie is that eating too much fat makes you fat. The truth is that eating fat is essential to our health and wellbeing in every way. It supports good mental health as it makes up a huge proportion of our brain, it forms the basis of our hormones, it keeps us subtle and our skin velvety. 

Also it adds flavour to food and lines our stomach after eating, leaving us with that feel good, satiated feeling. 

The lie unfolded with the appearance of the calorie controlled diet; fat has twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrates so from a calorie view point it was to be avoided at all costs. As this diet gathered popularity the food industry responded with low calorie products, artificial 'no calorie' sweeteners and huge amounts of processed carbohydrate based sugar filled products (I'm not going to call them foods products) to accompany the story that fat makes you fat and low calorie diets help you lose weight.

What we now know from the statistics is that alongside the rise of these low fat, sugar/processed carb based products came an explosion of obesity and obesity related diseases. Even amongst children, we are now seeing health conditions that previously were considered to be associated with middle and old age and are directly related to diet.

What we also know is that sugar and processed carbs are hugely addictive, that's why many of you are are in this group, it's a habit that feels impossible to break. 

So how is sugar and processed carbs linked to weight gain when they have only half the calories of fat... here's why...
- when we eat too much it disrupts the hormones that natural help us balance our weight by switching us into fat burning mode
- when we eat too much sugar and processed carbs this mobilises insulin again and again everyday, this switches our body into fat storage mode
- because sugar and processed carbs hijack our brain, continually turning on the pleasure centre, our natural appetite control is switched off... just consider we don't over eat carrots or broccoli, we know when we've had enough, but sweets, crackers, crisps, dried fruit, cake, biscuits, it is very easy to feel out of control.

You may be able to tell that this is something that I'm hugely passionate about, this misinformation is disempowering to vast amounts of people who believe a natural, sustainable healthy weight for them just isn't possible because dieting has never worked for them before. I was one of those people and since giving up sugar and processed carbs my body has reached a natural weight for me and I have sustained it easily, without doing anything for over 2 years.

So I say quit the dieting, work with your body by eating the right foods that put you into fat burning mode, this is not to do with deprivation, following a plan, celebrating your strong will power with treats... it's about nourishing your body with foods that means it can work for you towards healthy, vibrancy and energy. It's not even about reaching a certain 'text book' weight, it's about a body that feels good for you, that enables you to feel good in your skin and do the things you want to do with ease.

If this approach interests you I'm running the June Sugar-freedom Pod on natural weight loss/balance and we start next week on Wednesday in a separate podded off mini group for ultimate focus and support. It's just £40 to join in. If you want more details PM me or comments yes please in the comments.
Phew that was a long post but seriously this information needs sharing! 
Much love Carol xx

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