March 13

Slow and Steady wins the Race

I would say I used to be an impatient person, I was not good generally at playing the long game, I'd get frustrated and mumble and grumble before throwing in the towel, I've learnt differently since my sugar-free journey. I started my journey determined to solve my food issues of many decades and I would take as long as I needed to to do this. 

Now nearly 2 years in I have achieved what I wanted to;
- To feel in control of how I eat, not binging and stuffing junk, often secretly
- To lose excess weight easily and naturally and sustainably.

- To have steadier energy throughout the day
- To finally get rid of the last bits of anxiety I experienced every day

I learnt that 'slow and steady wins the race', that this isn't about a quick fix diet, this was about making a lifestyle change and letting my body get on and do what it wanted to naturally, which is to be healthy, have plenty of energy, to find a weight it likes and then settle there.

'Slow and steady' was a big lesson for me and something I'm taking forward with me as I move onto my next health target; which is getting fit and adding some tone to my now smaller body. I'm taking it easy, enjoying the process, having rest days and doing the stretches that previously I would have by-passed as I wanted to be quicker, cut corners, rush to the 'finish line'. I know if I keep going I can transform my body into a fitter, leaner me. Sugar-freedom still feels a miracle to me, how I feel about my body and what I eat feels amazing, so I'm looking forward to enjoying the benefits of a fitter, more toned body.


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