October 17

Ask yourself how you feel rather than what you weigh

As someone who made herself ill when she was younger by becoming obsessed by what I was eating and jumping on and off the scales a couple of times every day, I think it is important to offer another approach to witnessing your weight change other than following the number on the scales.

Body-mind weight balance is all about eating food that will get your body to want to loose weight, working with the body rather than working against it. During this process you will feel your body's response to food changing; your sense of taste will become more sensitive, you will feel less hungry and you will naturally want to be more active. 

Although you may want to weigh yourself periodically what really matters is how you feeling in your body; have symptoms changed or even disappeared, can you walk faster, do you find your food more tasty, are you energetic for longer? Weight always fluctuates day to day but how we are feeling in our bodies is more of a gradual, solid change that is not affected by tiny weight fluctuations.

So if you do need a measure of some sort then use an item of clothing and celebrate when it feels looser or is fitting again. The sense of the clothes against your skin will reconnect you to your body where the real change is happening. Love Cx


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