October 19

Green goodness, Alkaline eating

One strand of Natural Nutrition is the idea of eating alkaline forming foods to create health and vitality. This is based on the idea that the body functions optimally when its pH is alkaline. What we also need to understand is that our body will do whatever it needs to maintain homeostasis in the body, to maintain it in a alkaline state. Therefore what we are aiming to do by eating more alkaline forming food is simply to support our bodies to maintain that balance point, by reducing the load and taking the pressure off.

When the body no longer has to put all its energy into maintaining its pH it can spend the spare energy on healing, creativity and other expansive, life affirming activities.
So know when you eat all those delicious alkaline forming foods; greens, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds you are supporting your body to move towards expansion and health rather than contraction and disease.
Lots of love Carol xx


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