November 8

Making Sugar-FREEdom Sustainable

I have been pondering this as my 6 week intensive group (Nourish Yourself to Sugar-FREEdom) are in their final week; so many amazing insights and changes have taken place for these people who made sugar-free a focus for 6 weeks. But how do they make this a sustainable change?

Here are my musings...

- As the meme suggests begin to see yourself as a 'healthy eater' rather than 'healthy eating' at the moment, in other words become someone who doesn't eat sugar and/or processed carbs.

I can only equate to being a vegetarian or vegan where how they eat becomes part of their identity. It is very acceptable to say 'I'm a vegetarian' so now I say 'I don't eat sugar' (I can be flexible about flour products when being social)

- Find your bottom lines with sugar and processed carbs; to begin with I was very strict with both sugar and flour, now I know I am fine to have some flour products occasionally as they won't trigger me. Also alcohol occasionally is fine. Sugar on the other hand, especially when combined with flour, is disaster zone, so I don't go there. So find your 'real life' boundaries so you make it work for you.

- Learn to say 'no thank you' in a way that feels okay to you, here are some I use...

No thank you I'm full (for example after a meal).

No thank you, I've just eaten (for example if you call in to see someone and they get the biscuits out).

No thank you but I bought something yummy to share with you (take your own sugar-free snack/pudding).

No thank you I'm working on being sugar-free at the moment because... (I find if you add 'at the moment' people are less freaked out).

No thank you I find that eating sugar mid afternoon (substitute time) makes me feel sleepy/anxious/hungrier later.

No thank you, I'm trying to loose a little weight but I've bought some fresh pineapple to share.

No thank you, I have discovered I feel so much better since cutting out sugar most of the time.

No thank you, do you know my arthritis (substitute pain) is so much better now I don't eat sugar.

As I always say, this a marathon not a sprint, it is not about weight loss this is about long term health and then the weight will look after itself.


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