October 6

Full Moon Eating

‘I appreciate the gifts and the harvest of the last moon cycle’

Part of Intuitive Eating and Natural Nutrition is becoming aware of the natural cycles that influence our lives and when we become conscious of them we can learn to embrace their influence and work with them.

Last night was the full moon, a time of fullness and potency and we will be 'moon bathing' in this pregnant energy for a couple of days. I took this photo at 1am this morning when I was still wide awake and buzzing with energy.

Take a moment on these days to pause and celebrate the achievements of the past moon cycle before sowing seeds for the next month and journal a list of blessings and gratitudes for the last month

On the day of the full moon and a couple of days either side we will feel intensely ‘porous’, absorbing information on all levels of our being; whatever we eat, hear, and see can easily become part of our energy. We are also more likely to retain water at this time of the month.

Because of this ability to absorb easily we can feel overwhelmed, emotional and jangled by the world around us. It is very common not to sleep well at the full moon and to feel at the mercy of the elements. 

For different reasons to the new moon this is also a good time to fast or keep your eating super simple, therefore reducing the amount of input coming in. This can be done in the same way as the new moon and could include a:

Water fast/water-chia

  • Vegetable broth
  • Brown rice fast
  • Fruit fast
  • Vegetable fast
  • Juice fast
  • Smoothie fast

Have a glorious few days, Cxx


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