October 5

Support your Gut with Prebiotics


A healthy gut is one of the foundations of good health, it is full of lots of friendly bacteria that will keep the unfriendly ones under control.

One way of supporting our gut flora is by eating pre-biotic food. These are non-digestible carbohydrates or fibre that provide food for probiotics, and the fermentation of this fibre creates a positive impact to our bowel flora. It is worth pointing out that not all fibre is prebiotic. 

These include:
Asparagus, bananas, berries, broccoli, chia seeds, chicory root, dandelion leaves, flax seeds, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, leeks, legumes, oats and all wholegrains.

Here is a delicious prebiotic packed porridge. 

Spicy Autumnal/Winter porridge
This recipe combines prebiotic oats and chia seeds with the pungent spices of Autumn
For 1 serving
1/3 mug of porridge oats
1 dsp of chia seeds
seeds of two cardamom pods
2 tbsp of tinned coconut milk
grated fresh ginger
cinnamon to taste
1 mug of water
Put all the ingredients in a pan and simmer until cooking approx. 15 mins


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