October 12

Weight balance – flowing with your body

My approach to food and nutrition is all about ease and flow and working with the body rather than against it. I believe our bodies know how to be healthy, have sustainable energy AND be a healthy balanced weight; no charts of correct weights for different heights and food depriving diets leaving us hungry... just a feeling of being comfortable in your skin.

Sadly the weight loss industry, despite knowing the science behind weight loss, continues to peddle the idea of 'calories in V calories out' while churning out expensive 'diet', nutrient deficient products. 

While at the same time ignoring the nutrient value of whole food and how the body switches on fat storage or fat burning mode.

So can you 'go with the flow' of your body if you want to balance your weight?

> look at managing the stress in your life; the stress hormones switch on the fat-storing mode
> reduce or cut out processed sugars including dried fruit, blended fruit, stick to whole fruit. These raise the insulin levels in the body and put us into fat storage
> reduce or cut out processed carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and crackers as these are the same as sugar to the body, switching on fat storage mode. Enjoy wholegrains instead, including brown rice, quinoa, pot barley, all delicious and slow burning in the body
> as your body adjusts notice how what you want to eat changes, go with this new flow, look at changing your eating routines and habits
> try and love your body wherever it is, and however far away you feel it is from your perfect body shape and weight 

love Cx


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