October 12

Autumn cleansing


Part of the natural nutrition approach is taking account of the energy of the season and trying to incorporate it into how we eat.

We are going into Autumn in the northern hemisphere and the energy of nature, and within us, is starting to descend and concentrate, there is a collective breathing out and letting go.

This quality of letting go is what we can plug into if we want to do a simple early Autumn cleanse. All our cells are continually cleansing and letting go of what is no longer needed but if we embrace the energy of the season we can put some extra energy behind this process with some simple changes to how we eat. 

Here are some simple tips:

> Up your water intake and decrease caffeine, all flow and letting go in the body happens because of water!
> Increase your vegetable intake, making it a higher percentage of your plate. Try grating some of the gorgeous root veggies for a colourful salad.
> Eat more vegetarian meals, incorporating beans and lentils and wholegrains, the body knows how to digest these simply and cleanly, releasing more energy for healing
> Enjoy food that is in season, perhaps sign up for a local veg box scheme
> Increase your greens, perhaps have a simple green smoothie as a snack. Greens really support the cleansing process
> Reduce or remove any processed foods, these will slow down your energy

Try all or some of these for a week and see if you can feel the difference.... and let go love Carol xx


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