October 31

Food to let your Emotions flow

Most of us know that food is a game changer when it comes to our physical health and vitality but less people realise how much the food we eat makes a difference to our emotional health.

We live in a culture that medicates our emotions with food; we literally stuff our unwanted, uncomfortable feelings back down our throat, and what is fascinating is that we don't do this with carrot sticks and humus we choose chocolate, donuts, biscuits and cake to the job.

So what is going on?

Health is all about flow and expansion and the food we eat can either create flow and expansion in the body or slow and stop flow in the body. More alkaline forming foods will create this flow and expansion and more acid forming food will slow it down. People are often amazed that when they do a cleanse of some sort, which generally means removing food that slows flow down, they feel all sorts of emotions coming up that they feel unable to control. By doing the cleanse they have effectively unblocked the dam which was holding back unexpressed emotions and feelings and I believe it is this well that can go on to create dis'ease throughout the body, mind and spirit.

Of course sometimes it is good to dampen down our emotions, particularly when we are in the midst of crisis or don't have time to process what is going on. How many times have you reached for a chocolate bar when the pressure is on, if you are anything like me, far too many times! When I was first sugar-free I noticed how much more emotional I felt and that I would immediately want to have something sweet when I was under pressure. As time has gone on this has subsided and my emotions tend flow more easily nowadays.

So how can we use this information day to day to create more health and vitality on all levels...

  • Choose food that creates flow; vegetables, whole fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds
  • Minimise the food that slows flow and eventually creates stagnation in the body; processed food, meat, dairy, wheat products, caffeine, alcohol and sugar
  • Become conscious of when to use food to slow things down a bit and when to ride out the feeling ( I have found this particularly helpful when clients are detoxing a little to fast and may be feeling a little nauseous and emotionally overwhelmed and are tempted to 'throw in the towel'. This is when adding something in that will reduce flow is useful, it could be a slice of toast, a lump of cheese, anything not too processed that will effectively put the brakes on the process for a while so you can regroup.

So how can you create more flow by changing your diet?


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