November 8

Let go with the Waning Moon

As a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist I was taught to always take into account the natural cycles when we want to work WITH the body rather than against it. 

I was reminded about the importance of the moon phases when I saw this beautiful waning moon on my walk this morning. The waning moon phase, the period of 14 days when the moon travels from full to new, is the perfect time to let go of what we no longer need; the closer we get to the new moon the easier it is to do this on all levels.

We can ride the wave of this natural process by eating in the following ways:

- By eating lightly and eating food that supports the detoxification process; this include eating less sugar, wheat, dairy and meat
- Drinking less caffeine or alcohol products and enjoying herbal teas.
- By eating more greens and vegetables generally, drinking more water, add a slice of lemon to hot water to support detoxification.
- Support the process along by enjoying Epsom salt baths, hot and cold showers, brisk walking and deep breathing. 

‘I let go of that which no longer serves me with appreciation, ease and grace’


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