November 10

The Journey to Sugar-free-dom

Hello everyone, here are my pondering today about sugar-free living...

Giving up sugar in my experience is not a sprint or a marathon, it is a hike, a hike into the unknown which takes us out of our comfort zone and sometimes down blind pathways

  • First of all there is all the 'training' or preparation; so many people leap into this lifestyle change without considering just how much sugar was part of their lives, the percentage it made up everyday of the calories they consumed. So part of prep is starting to introduce sugar free meals and snacks everyday. This will mean more time spent in meal preparation and being inspired with new ideas but this can be done slowly. I suggest starting with focusing on one meal at a time, perhaps the one that you feel most able to attend to only your needs, as opposed to family/partners needs. This means that once you are ready to finally wave bye-bye to sugar you have a range of sugar free meals and snacks that you will naturally eat.
  • Secondly there will be dead ends, stones to trip you up and map directions that make no sense at all, this is just part of the journey. I have given up sugar many times and lapsed but each time I learn something new about the process and my response to it, for example I have only recently read some wonderful information about brain chemistry and how sugar and flour react similarly in the body. This has been a revelation and my journey this time has been so much easier.
  • Thirdly there will be days when you just need to step off the path and ponder, they are not the end of the hike just a pause, the next day you can set off again feeling refreshed. It is easy to feel a sense of failure but in reality you are just learning a new way and it takes time.
  • Finally enjoy the hike, the highs will feel glorious, the feeling of energy, your body returning to it's natural sugar-free state, your skin starting to glow and your body working well, make sure you celebrate these achievements by patting yourself on the back. Choosing this hike is not the 'easy route' in the guide book and most people will not be following it with you.

So go forth and take your next step whatever it may be and share away as we all take this sugar-free journey together. You can join my Sugar-free group on Facebook HERE


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