November 13

How the Food you eat can help you Dream BIG!

One thing I'm really passionate about is how the food we eat can completely transform our connection to our 'higher self', the intuitive, magical part of our selves.

How can this be so? This is how I see it... every aspect of ourselves is a synergy between us and the universe and everything we eat either helps us make that connection more vibrant or dulls it. 

When we eat vibrant, alive, unprocessed food, full of minerals and vitamins our energy system will resonate with the natural world and the wider universe. Conversely when we eat processed, denatured food we are cutting ourselves off from this amazing, inspiring source of energy and it is harder to connect to our intuition.

On an actual physical level eating more alkaline forming foods (greens, raw food, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds) helps the body function more efficiently and optimally as opposed to when we eat more acid forming foods (meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, processed carbs) which will make us sluggish.

What I know to be true is that we are not divided into body, mind and spirit but the whole of us is made up of each and so completely interconnected.

So when you want to dream big, add in more greens, have a big bowl of salad everyday, choose wholegrain over white processed grains and cut down on your caffeine. Try it and see if you feel the difference! ...with love Carol xx


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