November 14

The Magic of Oil and Water

Did you know there is magic happening in our body and most of the time we pay no attention to it at all. For me part of the magic is the role of oil and water and how they work together.

We have such a fear of fats and oils fearing that they will make us fat, that was certainly the message I got from the media when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s but the reality is that good fats are essential to our health and actually keep us slim, our brains super sharp and are skin super soft. These oils form the cell membranes of all our trillions of cells, these membranes stop us being one big bag of water and make us purposeful in the world. 

When we eat plenty of good fats our cell membrane are like liquid crystal, flowing, absorbing light, allowing good things in and allowing waste products out, there is flow and balance.

When we start consuming too many processed fats these membranes are less able to flow, less able to let light and nutrients into our cells and let go of waste and we feel sluggish and dimmed.

...and as for water it keeps everything flowing, our own inner waterways transporting everything our body needs, here there and everywhere.

So today have some good fats; nuts, seeds, oily fish and keep your water bottle topped up, it all helps create magic.

Have a sparkling, flowing day, love Carol x


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