December 4

Ssh I’m very Busy on a Cellular level

When I talk about making nutritional changes with clients I always reference it back to the cell. The philosophy of Natural Nutrition uses the metaphor of the cell to understand how changes to how we eat affect the body both for the good and the bad. Something about focusing on the impact on one of our 70 trillion cells of how we eat makes the point easier to understand.

Here are some insights often shared about cell membranes...

  • The information the cell responds to comes from the environment and is received and interrupted via the amazing cell membrane (check out Bruce Lipton's work if you are interested).
  • We have millions of receptor sites on these cell membranes that help us respond to hormones, nutrients, feelings amongst others. These receptors can increase or decrease rapidly. For example if we over indulge in sugar and the pleasure centre in the brain is over loaded with the hormone dopamine then receptor site for dopamine down regulate i.e. reduce, to manage the overwhelm. This is why we need to eat more and more sugar to get the same high each time
  • The cell membrane responds to dehydration by thickening the cell wall with cholesterol
  • Ideally for optimum health this membrane should be made up of essential fatty acids, these help the membrane be flexible and responsive, allowing the good stuff in and waste products to pass out

Gotta love all our lovely cells!


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