December 8

Add-in Wholegrains?


Add-in not take out! Grains yes or not?

I absolutely believe there is a place for whole grains in our diet for most people. I know there is a lot of debate about how grains can lead to ‘brain fog’ and even dementia but I believe it is a matter of being discerning and having a balanced approach. 

Grains such as short grain brown rice, oats, pot barley and rye can give us lots of vitamins, minerals plus fibre and of course natural sweetness, energy and good taste. Although not technically grains I personally also love buckwheat and quinoa too.

These grains contrast completely with processed ‘white’grains that are devoid of nutients, elevate your blood sugar and offer nothing good to the body. We find these in pasta, white bread, white rice, cakes and biscuits, anything that uses cheap white processed flour.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for so much that goes on in our body. Because much of our food nowadays is grown in depleted soil it can be hard to get the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals we need to really thrive. This is one of the reasons why I often recommend a good daily multi-vitamin to help keep us topped up.

One of the magical things minerals do in our bodies is keep all our cells vital and glowing as well as ‘talking’ and connecting with each other. Our cells do this by using minerals to create an electrical charge that facilitates movement in and out of the cells, allowing nutrients to enter and cell waste to leave. When we have too many sodium-rich (processed, salt added) foods our bodies become less efficient at cell cleansing leading to an acidic environment within the cells and hence the body. It is this acidic enviorment that leads to chronic ill health and dis’ease.

So what wholegrain can you add-in to you your food habits?


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