December 12

Leek and Potato Soup with a twist


I love a good Winter soup!

Creamy Leek and Potato Soup

This creamy, chunky twist on a classic winter soup adds flavour, texture and nutrients making it even more satisfying and healthy

Makes approximately 4 servings

4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks (you can leave the skins on if you prefer)

1 leek, chopped

2 large sticks of celery, chopped

100 g of yellow split peas

1tbsp of olive oil

1 tsp of sweet white miso paste

Water to cover

Put the chopped leeks, potatoes and celery into a large pan

Add the dry yellow split peas, olive oil

Add enough water to cover generously as the split peas will swell as they cook, you may need to add more

Bring the soup to the boil and then turn down to simmer

Put the lid on and leave to cook for at least an hour

Take off the heat and add in the miso and stir until it is mixed in

Using a hand held blender blend the soup avoiding the chunks of potato by keeping the blender low to the base of the pan. This creates a creamy base but also gives the soup a satisfying chunkiness

Why is this so good for you?

Leeks ~ these contain pre-biotics which help to feed the good bacteria in the bowel that are essential for immunity and mental health

Yellow split peas ~ high in protein, they help keep us feeling full for longer, help the body regenerate. High in B vitamins, good for stress and anxiety

Olive oil ~ this is mono unsaturated oil which is packed with good fats especially as it is fairly unprocessed. By adding the oil in the pot rather than frying the leeks you maintaining the integrity and goodness of the fats and also avoiding any toxicity from over heating the oils

Miso ~ miso paste is naturally fermented so it is uber rich in those probiotic healthy bacteria that is one of the foundations of good health. By adding this in at the end of cooking we avoid destroying some of the goodness.



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