January 25

Meal Planning…Why and How!

‚ÄčSo my question today is do you plan your meals in advance?

If you don't and you are just starting off then this is something I really recommend, this is why...

When we get started on our sugar-free journey we are healing our body, mind and spirit and are likely tackling physical cravings, readjusting our brain chemistry and changing how we eat. This all takes energy, will power and brain power initially (it does become habit pretty quickly though so don't worry!) and we can support ourselves by not diluting this focus by having to think 'on the spot'. 

Secondly, often, when we cut out sugar we can feel very hungry this could be firstly, because of a drop in calories intake and secondly as our fat storage/energy releasing hormones are readjusting we are not yet able to access our stored energy (fat).

Making decisions about food when we are hungry can be a minefield of distraction, temptation and overwhelm... so let's help ourselves with some pre-planning... 

Here are my top tips for planning your meals...

- For shopping purposes make a weekly meal plan including three meal a day and quick snacks; of course this can change but it gives you a solid fall back position.

- Make a list of quick meal and snack ideas if time becomes short because of unexpected happenings and keep this list pinned to your fridge or inside a kitchen cupboard door.

- Review your plan for the next day, the evening before when you are feeling full and satisfied (your most food objective state) and make any necessary adjustments

- Batch prepare lunches and snack options if you are out and about.

- Buy a spork or travel cutlery and keep in your bag or car for unexpected food shortfalls and emergency supermarket shops as this makes the variety of choice wider.

- When cooking main meals cook enough to have a portion for the fridge or freezer.

So how do you plan your meals and if you don't how could you start?

lots of love Carol xx


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