February 1

6 Top Tips for when you ‘Fall off the Wagon’

It is so easy to lose heart when our eating plans fall short of what hoped they'd be, I know I've been there; throwing in the towel and just having a massive 'pig-out', mentally beating yourself up and just feeling like the most laziest, weak willed person on the planet. But what I have learnt is that we are often feeling that sense of failure because we are viewing sugar-free-dom as a diet rather than a journey of adventure. If sugar/processed carbs is a biggie in your life, as they were for me, then it is very likely that dieting has been too and this means that any change in how you eat gets viewed through the inevitable lens of failure that comes with dieting.

So start by making some mindset shifts...

- Start viewing your sugar-free journey as a voyage of discovery, you are in uncharted waters so there will be diversions along the way. Prepare for this to happen so you are not surprised.

- You are unique; the food that suits you and how your body responds to sugar is for you alone to discover. Falling off the wagon is a way we know what works for us and what doesn't, it is just information so we can adjust our course.

- This is a lifestyle change not a diet or a quick fix, you are healing your body from the inside out, it is a marathon not a sprint.

...and when you do fall off try these 6 top tips...

1. Make a list of the positive steps forward you have made towards sugar-free-dom

2. Get some perspective; for example 1 day versus the 10/30/50 days of feeling you are on track

3. Get super clear about why you fell off the wagon but in a very kind way, talk to yourself as you would to a friend who was trying to work something out.

4. If you did this in spectacular fashion there is probably something emotional underneath it. Explore this by journalling or talking it through with a friend. Sometimes these patterns can be hidden and by exposing them they are less likely to trip you up again.

5. If it was something that could have been avoided, for example an organisational issue, then add this into your routine.

6. Create an affirmation for yourself that positively reinforces your next step, make them in the present tense and in the first person, for example 'I love how well I'm doing on my sugar-free journey'

What do you do to help yourself get back on track sugar-free-dom seekers?


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