February 1

Nourishing your Mind and Spirit

Nourish your mind and spirit - walking mindfully.

I love taking photos of nature and the changing seasons; there is something about taking my camera when I go for a walk which means I'm keeping my eyes open for something beautiful. Even on a grey winters day there will be something I notice, the shape of a tree, the clouds, the lane stretching ahead. ...and then the actual taking of the photo, creating the frame, focusing and finally shooting, it all takes focus and in those moments my mind stops being filled with the millions of other useless bits of information, I feel completely present and it feels like such a relief.

Here are a couple of photos I took this morning, the blue sky was a beautiful bonus on top of the stunning snowdrops, Spring is on its way YAY!

The other thing I do if I suddenly catch my mind buzzing off somewhere, is to stop and take a deep breath, noticing the smells of nature around me. Apparently we can't connect to our senses and 'do' at the same time. When I do this I immediately feel any tension disappear...wonderful.

So what do you that absorbs you so your mind switches off and you get in your mindful zone?


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