February 9

Dear beautiful body…

This feels relevant to share today as we are talking about emotional cravings. Last weekend and Monday I was on a course for next level of my Kinesiology training, it was INTENSE! So much around my eating patterns and sugar addiction came up to be witnessed and healed. I suddenly really felt how hard I had ‘fought’ my body over decades over food, loosing weight, gaining weight, resisting sugar, over eating, hating parts of me that didn’t conform to the stereotype of ‘beautiful’, ‘acceptable’ or ‘loveable’. It all spewed out and I felt sadness, grief and then relief that the truth was out.

What I realized on Tuesday, as I was recovering and integrating the work, is that this just showed me again that taking sugar and processed carbs out of my diet is about so much more than not eating those foods. It is a chance to heal, recover, change patterns, learn to love our bodies and marvel at how when we nourish ourselves with the right food we can grow and change in so many ways and allow ourselves to expand into the best part of ourselves.

Anyway the healing journey continues for me, on and on, deeper and deeper.


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