July 3

Seasonal Eating- follow the way of the Plants


Follow the plants as they show us a simple way of seasonal eating...

Spring as the energy is expanding rapidly, include some shoots and tender green leaves, try sprouting, purple sprouting broccoli and the first salad greens
Summer as the energy is softening but still expanding, include some edible flowers such as nasturtiums and borage, alongside mature leafy greens, lollo rosso frilly lettuce, cauliflower.

Late Summer harvest as the energy reaches a balance point, include some nature's bounty, sun ripened vegetable, sweet corn, squashes, fruit, berries.

Autumn as the energy descends focus on roots, include some celeriac, turnips, beetroot, potatoes, fennel and garlic.

Winter as the energy reaches it's deepest point, include more roots and seeds, including dried beans and lentils, leeks, swede, shallots.

So in the UK we are in Summer so try making cauliflower 'cous cous' and using this as a tasty flour-free, gluten-free base for a salad and then top with peppery nasturtium flowers.


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