October 18

Sugar-free = Self Love… Discuss!

Sugar-free = Self Love... Discuss!

I know that for me deciding to be sugar, and 99% processed carbohydrate, free was the most liberating and loving decision I have ever made for myself. It felt a bit like liberating myself from a negative or destructive relationship, one that continually undermined me, sapped my energy and made me question who exactly I was because my body and how it felt was not matching up remotely to the 'me' inside.

As my journey continues it feels like..

Self love = accepting I had an issue with sugar and processed carbs and deciding it wasn't good enough for me anymore = sugar-free.

Self love = realising that my body was feeling very unhappy, it soldiered on but it was screaming 'Give me break... please' = sugar-free

Self love = deciding it was ok just to be me, swim against the current and eat differently = sugar-free

Self love = listening to the whispers from my higher self/Spirit/God/Goddess 'Sugar dampens your flame' and deciding that wasn't good enough for me for this life time and what I wanted to achieve = sugar-free

Self love = making an effort with MY food and diet in the same way I did for my children, my partner, my family = sugar-free

Self love = celebrating with my body, mind and spirit how wonderful it feels to be clear headed, to feel at a healthy weight for me (no charts or scales!), to feel free from constantly thinking about food, to have continual energy all day, everyday = sugar-free

Self love = accepting there will be ups and downs, I'm not perfect = sugar-free

 How does Self love = Sugar-free for you?


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