October 30

Get Support on your Sugar-free Journey

I have heard it said that it is easier to change someones religion than to change how they eat. 

Most people eat habitually and often don't link how they feel physically, emotionally and spiritually/creatively to their diet. So removing any food from our diet can be a huge challenge. 

Add-in the food that is the most socially acceptable drug of choice in the world and is linked to celebration, commiseration, friendship, love, family and ritual and we are racking up the challenge somewhat.

Add-in further to that even, our daily bread, our pasta dishes, bagels, croissants, crackers and lunchtime crisps plus Granny's favourite delicious cake. These for many of us can add fuel to this chemical sh** storm that happens in our bodies and brain.

This is a big deal guys and this is why we need each other; a community, a tribe, that we can walk along the path with, someone to cheer us on, pick us up and dust us down when we fall flat on our faces and someone to problem solve with and be inspired by. Most people out in our real worlds will think we are bonkers, feels threatened by our choices and think we are being faddy. When I made the big final decision I knew I couldn't do it alone. Luckily I got my partner on board, told my family and sons NOT to wave sugar under my nose and I also set up this community. I needed this group to be accountable to, somewhere I had to show up as a professional Nutritional Therapist who was walking my talk by doing the best for her body by facing up to my sugar and processed carb addiction. I didn't dream we would now be over 700 strong.

So wherever you are on your journey get your support 'ducks in a row' because you will need it; some days a little, some days not at all but some days a whole lot. I suggest to get clear yourself why you are doing it and what your goals are so you can share openly with people around you if you need/want to. 

Some people won't get it, some people will admire you, some people will think you are a 'kill-joy' so it is important you feel good in yourself about your choices and your big why; that your core motivation comes from within. 

Sugar and processed carbs being at the heart of our current health crisis is just coming onto the mainstream health radar, we are leading the way and in the future people will see us as role models of how sugar-free living is possible and can transform our health and wellbeing so onward we journey!

So how is your support around you? Your family, partner, work colleagues, how do they react? Supportive? Poo-pooing? Interested?

You can join my FREE Sugar-free community HERE


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