October 23

Autumn Cleansing

The Autumn time is actually a great time to do a cleanse, although the light has reduced significantly and it has got colder, there is a sense of 'letting go' in the air and a feeling of 'last chance' before the Winter arrives.

In the Chinese Five elements Autumn is associated with the Metal element and the Lung and Large Intestine meridian. Both these organs and their energetic properties are eliminators for the body-mind-spirit making them supportive of a cleanse. The emotion linked to Metal is grief another way we release.

Key elements of an Autumn cleanse are;

  • Getting a balance between cooked and raw vegetables, enjoy a side salad as part of a meal alongside plenty of lightly cooked vegetables.
  • Be aware of nourishing the Large Intestine with prebiotic and probiotic foods, this will also aid elimination.
  • The Autumn is all about richness so continue to enjoy a multi-coloured salad.Spicy foods are seasonal to experiment with different flavours.
  • Stick to smoothies that have added fat in such coconut milk, flax seeds or oil, this suits the slower pace of release.


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