Currently Spring is lurking below a layer of deep snow which is unusual in Devon and extremely unusual in Devon in March!

We are stop-starting our way into Spring.
BUT have you noticed that the light has changed, I'm beginning to notice the cobwebs and dust that have accumulated over the Winter as I have been rather slack on house work and we have all been cosied up inside.

Once the light changes it tells me it is time for Spring cleaning inside and out!

This outside need for cleaning action is reflected in the internal shift from sleepy Watery Winter to purposeful Woody Spring and the start of cleaning on a deeper cellular level.

Of course cleansing happens continually, that is why I don't particularly like the word detox, but what happens over the Winter is that we are slower, our lymph is thicker, we are more insular and less dynamic.

Spring and the energy of the Wood element, by contrast, is dynamic and purposeful, we feel more energetic, we venture outside more and we stretch ourselves back into activity.

Early Spring is a fantastic time to encourage the body along with cleansing by lightening our diet along with the increasing daylight.

Lightening our diet can be very easy and gentle; simply removing a food that challenges us (wheat, diary, caffeine are a common few) from all or some of our meals will release more energy for cleansing. It's a bit like making room in your schedule for Spring cleaning and then being able to do a proper job rather than skimping.

If you are thinking of doing a Spring cleanse I will be fascilitating a month long journey starting on 29th March that embraces the gentle rhythm of the moon phases as well as the rising Spring energy. We will start with the full moon, release with the waning moon, pause with the new moon and then add-in to renurture and nourish with the waxing moon. By riding the wave of these gentle natural cycles we can make the cleanse as easy and gentle as possible. Come and join in, there is an early bird price of just £37 until this Friday 23rd March. Pm me for details, or see the event in the comments below
Lots of love Carol xx 

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