October 21

Change one thing at a time

Morning sugar-free journeyers, this morning I wanted to share one thing that has really helped me on 'My sugar-free journey'...

'Just change one thing at a time'.

I hadn't really thought about it before but when I have tried to give up sugar I have also started exercising more, trying to meditate etc, having a mini health kick. What I now understand from reading the work of Susan Peirce Thompson is that when we start to make changes we have to engage with our will power and that we actually only have about 15 minutes of focus at any one time before we need to recharge that 'battery'.

So basically we have to decide what we are going to focus on and let the rest of our goals wait. Also interestingly, and not surprisingly, other stressors can deplete this battery for example work deadlines and organising and surviving the evening bedtime routine with kids. This made so much sense to me and put my past 'failures ' into perspective and made me feel more kindly towards myself.

So what can help us have the will power while we build new habits around something as emotionally charged and addictive as sugar?

  • Make a meal plan that will be easy to follow though, preferably the night before when you are not hungry and have some space
  • Put exercising on the back burner unless it is an established part of your routine
  • Before you are full-on off sugar make sure you have added in plenty of alternatives that take the pressure of making food choices
  • Don't go hungry, many people come off sugar to lose weight, and for lots of us that is an amazing and welcome side effect but focusing on the scales and consciously eating less can become a stressor. Many people take out sugar and don't replace it with anything leaving them feeling hungry, craving anything at all and seriously depleting our will power.

Anyway lovelies hope this will inspire you a bit, these things really helped me when I started sugar-free living, lots of love to you all and thank you for being here , Carol xx


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