October 23

Pungent food brings Autumn balance

Did you know that adding pungent spicy food to your meals adds extra depth and meaning to seasonal eating?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element theory the taste associated with this time of year is pungent. This includes onions, garlic, leeks, horseradish plus numerous spices. It is said that by bringing this firey aspect into our meals we can disperse the heavy energy that descends as we turn inwards and move towards Winter.

I love adding spices like cinammon and cardamon to my breakfasts, grinding extra black pepper on my baked potato and roasting whole garlic cloves with other roast vegetables.

Here is an extremely garlicky soup recipe, excellent for boosting the immune system and full of prebiotic goodness for healthy gut bacteria to feast on.


6 tbsp olive oil

40 cloves garlic – peeled and crushed gently

1 carrot – diced

2 potatoes – peeled and chopped

1 tbsp bouillon or stock cubes

1.5 litres (2 ½ pints) water

1 tbsp fresh chopped parsley


Warm olive oil and add the garlic and cook gently for a few minutes.

Add carrot and potato and stock and simmer gently for about 30mins until the vegetables are soft

Blend to a smooth creamy consistency and sprinkle with parsley


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