December 14

There’s a Reason and a Season for Nourishment!


How we nourish ourselves physically, mentally and soulfully will change as our needs change, it has to, it is the nature of life, ever flowing, expanding and recreating. 

I think we can often get stuck on habits that we THINK are good for us; green smoothies in the morning, 10 minute meditate before bed rather than what we FEEL are good for us at the time. 
I'm definitely one of those people that could get stuck in patterns but I know I feel better when I check in and 'feel' what might be better for me right now, perhaps porridge for breakfast today or a quick wander round the garden taking photos instead of pushing on through a task I'm finding difficult.

So in essence what I am saying is learn to flow with how you nourish yourself. We are now in Winter the season associated with the beautiful, flowing, ever changing Water element that helps us adapt and change direction and know that all is well and that there is a reason and a season for everything. 

How can you nourish body, mind and soul now we are in Winter?  

‚Äčlove Cxx


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