December 14

Seaweed – Winter Nourishment

Hey lovely foodies!  

Did you know we can get into a whole new level of seasonal eating when we start considering the energy of the season. For example did you know that seaweed is naturally a Winter food? 

This is because with its naturally salty flavour it is associated with the Water element in the Chinese Five elements. In Traditional Chinese medicine theory Winter is the time for rest and recuperation and adding in seaweed can be a great tonic for the body. It is rich in minerals and is great food for those healthy gut bacteria to feast on because of the fibre level. 

My favourite ways of eating seaweed are:
- seaweed sprinkles on salad, you can buy mixed seaweed salad in bags or in a grinder, this is mostly Dulce 
- make rough sushi rolls with nori sheets using left over rice, salmon and bits of salad
- adding a 2cm square of Kombu into soups and stews which gives a rich flavour boost. 

So do you eat seaweed and what's your favourite way?

Carol xx


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