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How to do a Winter Cleanse

How to do a Winter detox

Winter generally is not the time to embark on a cleanse but seasonal indulgence and a desire to lose some weight or just get back on track with food generally drives us to want to simplify how we eat. 

At this time of year our energy is low and slow and is at its most yin or inward turning. Winter is linked to the Water element in Traditional Chinese Medicine and this element holds a huge capacity for healing, recharging our batteries, rest and recuperation. 

Cleanses often feel quite extreme and can involve big changes in how we eat, this can be quite challenging for our body to deal with during sleepy Wintertime.

So for this reason a Winter Reboot or cleanse has to match the seasonal energy of support, restoration and nourishment for it to be sustainable. 

Here are some ways you can gently encourage a slow Winter cleanse.

- Increase your water intake and decrease other drinks. Warm drinks with fresh ginger and lemon are comforting and supportive. You can introduce more water slowly over the course of a week.

- Avoid very drying foods, these make the body work harder and create dehydration.

- Soak grains, nuts and seeds before eating them, again this is supportive to a sleepy Winter body and so releases energy for healing and topping up our inner batteries.

- Boost your nutrient intake by eating more greens, these help support the liver energy to manage detoxification

- Include naturally salty food such as fish, seaweed and grains such as millet and barley which are naturally salty

- Focus on natural, plant based meals, including vegetables soups, broths and stews, keep meat and dairy to a minimum

- Reduce or eliminate processed food and sugar as much as possible.


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