January 9

5 Top Tips to Eat more Intuitively

Would you like to eat more intuitively?

Here are my top tips...

- Pay attention to the the season. You may be already doing this more than you realise; soup and stews in Winter, more salads in the Summer, build on this and notice how your body feels after a 'summery' meal in Winter.

- Reduce the amount of processed food and sugar you eat, this will cut us off from our intuition.

- Eat food that nourishes our gut flora, this is the place of our intuition, our gut knowing. When we have healthy gut bacteria we are more connected to our bodies and its needs

- Cook and eat meals mindfully, take time to really taste your food, enjoy the aroma, feel the texture. No devises or reading matter at the table. Give your whole attention to the experience of eating and preparing food.

- Bless your meal before eating; in doing this we are acknowledging that what we eat contributes to our energy for the day in a positive way

What helps you eat more intuitively?

Love Carol


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