January 11

The Sugar-free Journey is not always ‘pretty’

Hi sugar-free-dom seekers. 

Today I thought I would write something about the emotional ups and downs of the journey to sugar-free-dom.

Yesterday I ran a live workshop in a women's Facebook group about natural weight balance and being sugar-free, it's a passion of mine to share the truth about how our body really works so we can work with it to balance our weight.

As part of this I spoke about how this journey for me was about loving myself more than chocolate and how I had learnt to be kind to myself. This journey can be hard folks, we are flouting our cultures which embrace sugar as a way of celebrating, commiserating and stuffing down feelings, it is societies most used and acceptable drug of choice on the planet.

I talked about speaking kindly and gently to ourselves as we traverse the route just as we would to a small child who we cared about who was finding their way slowly and tentatively. As I spoke this I felt the tears well up and my heart felt heavy. This is still a work in progress for me (clearly!) I have decades of berating myself for my eating habits and food choices and the 'should no better' story.

As I reflected afterwards I noted

- the emotion had flowed, it was up and out, I did not reach for food, or even think to suppress it with something sweet

- this sugar-free journey is a healing journey, with each day we are sugar-free we are healing our bodies, our guts, our organs, our cells, we are healing our brains; those neural pathways that keep the addiction alive are slowly drying out like empty river beds so the cravings can fade, we are healing our emotions and spirit; everytime we squashed our wonderful selves down with food, how we felt about life, our bodies, our choices. It is all there to be healed, to be witnessed, held and celebrated, we have survived and we are doing the best we can.

So lovely SFD seekers does this ring true for you, how are you finding the emotional journey to sugar-free-dom?

with love Carol xx


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