January 16

Sugar-free-dom – the healing path

Lovely sugar-free-dom seekers... the more I tread this sugar-free path the more I realise that this is about so much more that just stopping eating a destructive, nutrient devoid substance and it much more about embarking on a healing journey where we repair, unravel, uncover, refresh, refill, revitalise and heal our bodies, minds and spirits.

How we may feel emotionally when we reduce or cut out sugar can be so many things, bereft, lonely, sad, abandoned, empty, grumpy, angry, victimised. I have felt all of these at some point or other. These feelings tell me there is a wound to be healed, something I have squashed down with food in the past.

How we feel physically shows us what our body needs; our cravings tell us our gut and the addictive pathways in our brain need healing, when we are feeling hungry despite having not long eaten it tell us our weight balancing hormones need to rebalance. When we get headaches, achiness, mucousy and colds it tells us our body is too acidic and needs to be cleansed.

How we feel mentally reminds us that food affects our mind as much as our body; foggy headedness, depression, anxiety, cut off from our creativity, our unique expression. This tells us our mind is ready for the new, the fact that we notice it is a step forward, we know we want to feel better, to feel clarity, excitement and positivity.

Keep going forwards freedom-seekers, one step at a time Cxx


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