January 22

The Healing Spiral

I wanted to write something about the healing journey we embark on when we decide to reduce or give up sugar or indeed make any major changes to how we eat. My observation over many years of working with people in a healing capacity is that the healing journey is not a straight line but rather a spiral and that this spiral effects us body, mind and spirit. 

I have experienced this myself as I have slowly healed myself physically, mentally and emotionally from sugar addiction.... and of course it is still going on <3 

So how is this spiral experienced physically and emotionally...

- We get off to a good start (or we are having a good week) and cravings are reducing and we believe we are over the worst

- We turn a corner and suddenly we are hit with cravings again, probably not as strongly but they are there and we have to have a bit of will power to get us through

- These two experiences continue to alternate as we continually revisit the old feelings both physically and emotionally and then have stretches of feeling we are on track, with each spiral round the intensity may reduce slightly

- My experience is that the emphasis of the spiral moves from a physical level initially through to the mental level and then the spiritual level. For me once the physical cravings had passed I began to notice how sugar was linked to my emotions, how I used sweet food to surpress emotions and how when I didn't do this anymore old emotions came up to be witnessed and healed.

- ...and then we move on to the deepest part of ourselves, our spirit, the place from which we are able to be our most authentic, unique and creative self. Again we may experience a renewed sense of clarity, creativity and purpose when we are living sugar-free

...and of course we keep going round and around, deeper and deeper, the healing is never completely done.

So does this make sense to anyone, I would love to hear your thoughts...

Love Carol xx


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