January 23

Jazz up your Porridge

Porridge is a popular breakfast staple around the world but how can we make it as delicious and nutritious as possible. Here are some tips...

- Use jumbo oats (also called rolled oats) or steel cut oats as these are the most wholegrain and so will take longer to digest keeping our blood sugar stable and us feeling full for longer. Avoid processed porridge options as these will raise your blood sugar quickly which can trigger cravings and leaving us hungry.

- Soak your oats over night if you remember, this means they cook much more quickly and they also give a hydrating message to the body.

- Make your breakfast last even longer by adding in a teaspoon of nut or seed butter. My favourite is almond butter. Adding in good fats slows down the digestion of the meal, helping to keep your blood sugar stable for longer.

- As an alternative to adding nut butter you could add in a teaspoon of flax/linseed oil or coconut oil.

- Bulk out your porridge by adding in ground flax seeds or whole chia seeds. Both are a rich source of omega 3 fats

- Top with chopped fresh fruit or berries

- Serve with whole fat yogurt to add extra deliciousness

- Try using raw buckwheat or quinoa seeds instead of oats if you want a gluten free option (oats are naturally gluten free but processing and crop contamination makes them a less reliable gluten free option)

How do you love to eat your porridge?


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