October 9

Snacking on the Run!

If you are caught short and want something delicious and nutritious here are my top tips...

Supermarket snacking!
• Berries! Blueberries and raspberries are my favourite
• Tubs of pre-chopped fruit (not ideal but let’s be pragmatic when hunger strikes)
• Nuts and seeds, preferably not salted
• A couple of carrots and a tub of humus
• Mini peppers/cucumbers and dip/humus
• Oat cakes with a dip
• Apple with humus
• Avocadoes; if you are prepared enough to have a knife and spoon with you.                         • Any type of whole fruit.

Always be prepared!
• Carry packets of oat cakes/rice cakes around with you to nibble on
• Make up snack packs of nuts, seeds and dried fruit in advance
• Make up some tubs of chopped raw vegetable sticks such as pepper, carrot, cucumber to take with you
• If you are a chocoholic carry a couple of squares of really dark chocolate with you for ‘emmergencies’...two squares is usually enough!
• Small portions of ‘leftovers’
• Invest in a travel spork, one utensil that is a knife, fork and spoon in one, perfect for the car and handbag
- Batch Prep for the week ahead If you have time batch preparing snacks will save you money and angst.

• Create your own graze pots using reusable multi-section tubs, filling each section with something tasty
• Save jam jars and fill with nut/seed/dried food mixes
• Use jam jars to create mini cereal snack pots with overnight oats

• Batch make smoothies and freeze

• Batch make humus and freeze



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