December 15

How do you Recharge?

Food isn't the only way to charge up our energy and particularly at this time of year we can find our energy flagging. We are now in Winter the season associated with the Water element. The Water element in Traditional Chinese Medicine is responsible for our energy level, our inner 'battery' if you like so governs things like pace, stamina and resilience. As this is the most yin/inner time of year everything is slower, quieter, deeper, minimalist and more reflective... less is definitely more.

These are my favourite non food ways of nourishing myself and recharging...

- A large glass of warm water and lemon

- A walk in nature

- A 5 minute day dream

- A 5 minute bounce on my rebounder

- Writing out 5 things I appreciate in my live

What are your favourite non food ways to recharge?


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